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Some frequently asked questions

Are Shine staff qualified, DBS checked and insured?

As one of the leading sports coaching providers in the region, Shine recognise the importance of ensuring all staff are DBS checked, properly insured and hold appropriate coaching qualifications. Relevant documentation is available on request.

Is Shine Sports Coaching Ofsted registered?

​Yes, Shine's Ofsted registration number is EY487213

Do Shine accept childcare vouchers?

Yes, Shine accepts childcare vouchers and is registered to accept payment from most childcare voucher providers. The company's address is Shine Community Sports Hall, Brecon Road, Bristol BS9 4DT. Here is a list of the companies Shine is currently registered with and the relevant reference/account numbers for the various settings:-

  • Allsave 
  • Bristol City Council (electronic payment only please - no paper vouchers, contact [email protected])
  • Busy Bees - refer to Ofsted number EY487213
  • Care4: 74703599
  • Computershare: 0021955615
  • Co-operative Flexible Benefits: 85110979
  • Edenred: P20980343
  • Enjoy Benefits:
  • Faircare:
  • Fideliti Childcare: SHI074C or refer to Ofsted number EY487213
  • Kids Unlimited 
  • Kiddivouchers - refer to Ofsted number EY487213
  • PES
  • Rascals
  • RG Childcare: 91816199198
  • South Gloucestershire Council  (electronic payment only please - no paper vouchers)
  • Sodexo: 839823 (plus the postcode of BS9 4DT)
  • You at Work: 

n/b If your childcare voucher provider is NOT on the list above then please contact us and we will liaise with your provider in order to be able to accept them. We no longer accept paper vouchers.

Helpful Notes on CCVs

Your employer should provide details of how your scheme is administered but in most cases it is very straightforward. Just let your CCV provider know that you want to spend your vouchers on a Shine activity and they will guide you through the process. Your vouchers (most often e-vouchers) can be used in part or full payment against your chosen activity. E-vouchers are very easy to use and most CCV providers operate them. E-vouchers are obtainable by logging in to your personal CCV account where you can also arrange for a payment to Shine to settle the cost of a Shine activity. Please note, you can only use your vouchers for your own children and we only accept e-vouchers (no paper vouchers, thank you). If you have a query please contact your child care voucher provider or email [email protected] for further information.

What are the signing in and out procedures?

By completing an online booking with Shine your child's name will automatically appear on the official register for the activity you have chosen. On arrival Shine staff will register your child's arrival and ensure everything is in order.  The attendance register will be cross checked on regular occasions during longer activity days such as holiday clubs only. At the end of each activity a parent/carer is required to sign their child out before they are able to leave. If your child is of an approriate age to leave the premises unsupervised you must inform us in writing. We will NOT allow a child to leave with this consent. Please note it is very important that, if you have arranged for your child to be collected by a third party (perhaps a friend or grandparent) you must inform a Shine member of staff on arrival in the morning or by email before the event. It is also important that the person collecting the child is aware of the sign out procedures so please ensure they are fully informed.

Do you accept children on holiday club who will be starting reception in September?

Yes, providing the parents are happy, we are prepared to accept four year olds at our summer holiday club only, providing they are starting school in September. Experience has shown that Shine Holiday Club can be a gentle and positive introduction to 'school life' for pre-schoolers and the arrangement works especially well when there is an older sibling in attendance. We recommend Mini-Sports or Shine Creative as the most suitable activity options.  We reserve the right to ask for them to be collected should they not cope well, but this is rare. To discuss the matter further please email [email protected].

Do I really need to book my child online or can we just turn up?

We require that all children are booked in using our online booking system.  If you experience difficulty booking in, we ask that parents contact us for support.  Children who are not booked in may be not be able to take part due to staff ratios and available spaces.

A late booking (made after 8am for Holiday Clubs or after 10am for term time courses) may mean we cannot guarantee your choice of activity.  We will do our best to accommodate your child in their preference of available activities.

Will sporting equipment be provided?

Yes, sports equipment, such as raquets and balls, are provided by Shine in all its activities. The equipment is checked for quality and safety reasons on a regular basis.  Protective kit is not provide, however.

What clothing and footwear should my child wear?

It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that their child is provided with appropriate clothing and footwear for their selected activity. It is advised the children arrive fully dressed for their planned activity (except football boots and protective cricket boxes). Children must bring their own shin pads and protective box when playing football and 'hard ball' cricket respectively. Failure to do may mean they cannot participate in the session.

Please note children are not allowed to wear metal studs.

What is the age range at which children can attend?

The full extent of the age range for Shine activities is generally from reception to year 9 although the precise age range will be specfied on the activity listing and details during the booking process.

What happens to the personal information we supply to Shine when making an online booking?

All information provided to us by customers, such as medical information and contact details, are retained for internal company use only. We NEVER pass any information on to third parties or disclose any information to any other person. Customers can unsubscribe from Shine marketing emails if they wish.  

All card payment details are sent directly to Stripe. We never see any of this information. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available.

Can my child attend if he/she has disabilities?

Whilst Shine accept children with disabilities and special needs of many kinds we cannot commit to additonal staffing needs (such as 1:1 care) without prior agreement. We recommend that Parents/carers contact Shine by email to [email protected] so we can discuss the matter and do our best to ensure the child has a fun and safe experience.

I would like to stay and watch my child for some or all of the activity period. Is this possible?

Parents/carers are welcome to watch their child involved in Shine activities although they must remain in the relevant viewing area. Please note that, for safeguarding reasons, some venues may not allow parents/carers onto the premises. Speak to a staff member at the time.

Are your staff first aid trained?

Yes, the majority of staff hold a variety of medical qualifications from specialist Paediatric First Aid certificates to Emergency First Aid. Trained staff are always on site at all times. n/b Please note that, by signing up for a Shine activity, you automatically give consent for staff to administer first aid to your child in the event of an injury.

Do I need to supply my child with a packed lunch on Holiday Clubs?

Yes, on Shine Holiday Club you will need to provide a healthy packed lunch, snack and a non-fizzy drink. Please note we strongly recommend against your child bringing glass bottles or meals containing nut based packed lunches (such as peanut butter). If your child is bringing grapes, we politely request that they are sliced lengthways to reduce the risk of choking.

Do Shine take photographs of the activities?

Yes, occasionally Shine photographs its activities for marketing purposes. If you would prefer your children not to be photographed, please let us know before arrival and indicate this perference during the booking process. This preference will then appear on the coach's register for the relevant activity/ies. The camera used for such purposes and the manner in which this data is stored is arranged inline with Ofsted safeguarding regulations.

Can my child bring a mobile phone or other application?

For child protection reasons mobile phones, iPads and other electronic equipment are not permitted at a Shine activity without special permission. In an emergency a child will be able to use a company phone in the event they need to contact a parent/carer.

What is your amending a booking policy?

When a customer wishes to amend a booking, he/she is advised to directly notify the relevant Shine staff member of the required amendment via email, text or telephone giving as much notice as possible. Please note that if a customer fails to request an amendment in advance, it is unlikely Shine will be able to meet the request. It will not be possible to swap a child into a session that is fully subscribed.

What is your cancellation policy?

When a customer wishes to cancel a booking, he/she is advised to directly notify the relevant Shine staff member via email, text or telephone giving as much notice as possible. If a customer fails to inform Shine in advance of the activity start time, the order will be treated as a ‘Non-Arrival’ (see Non-Arrivals Policy).

What is your refund policy?

Providing the customer has notified Shine in accordance with the Booking Terms & Conditions he/she will be entitled to a refund by way of a credit to their Shine account for the full or pro-rata amount, whichever is relevant. If a customer fails to inform Shine in writing before the actual day of the activity there will be no credit allocated.


With regards to Birthday Parties, in the event of cancellation one month or more before the party date, £25 is non-refundable.  Cancellations made less than a month before the party will be refunded bar £40.  There will be no refund for any parties cancelled less than one week before the party.

What is your non-arrivals policy?

Should a customer fail to inform Shine by email, text or telephone that his/her child/children will not be attending before the scheduled start time, the absent child will be deemed a ‘non-arrival’ and, in most cases, Shine will then implement its safeguarding procedure which involves an immediate investigation into the whereabouts of the child. In this event, customers will not be entitled to a refund or credit and customers who have opted to pay cash on arrival/child care vouchers will be requested to settle the fee in full. Failure to do so may result in a suspension of their Shine account in accordance with the Late or Non Payment Policy.

What is your late or non payment policy?

Customers who fail to settle the booking fees in accordance with the Booking Terms & Conditions will be contacted by Shine and requested to settle the amount in full with immediate effect. Should the late or non-payment of orders by an individual customer become excessive or consistent, Shine reserve the right to suspend the customer’s account and apply an administration fee of £10.00.  The suspension will only be lifted once the payment (including the administration fee) is settled in full.

What if I am late collecting my child?

Any child collected after the end of their session will be charged a late collection fee. The charge will be £1.00 per child every 2 minutes for the first 10 minutes and £5 for every 10 minutes (or part thereof) thereafter. The fee will need to be paid in full before the child attends the next session. On the first occasion the fee will be charged and the parents reminded of the importance of collecting their child on time. The incident will be logged.  Subsequent occasions will be logged and charged for and at the manager’s discretion, and may lead to the suspension of the account with Shine.  It is important for parents to contact Shine to alert them that they will be late collecting their child.

How is Elmlea Junior Holiday Club running?

The Elmlea Junior holiday club is running certain activities which used to run at the Shine Community Sports Hall.  The Shine Community Sports Hall activities will be inside only - Elmlea offers fantastic facilities for our football, multi sports, forest adventure and dance sessions.  A free 'walking bus' is on offer from the sports hall to Elmlea at 10am to support parents who have children across the two locations.  This must be booked online to ensure Shine knows which children to walk across.  The extended hours (8am - 10am and 4pm - 6pm) will be running at all locations as normal.

What happens if the activity I have booked is cancelled by Shine?

In the very rare event that Shine cancels an activity you will be notified in advance and a credit for the full amount will be automatically added to your account. 

How do I apply to work for Shine?

Shine are always on the lookout for talented people who possess the qualities needed to join our highly motivated team. Vacancies range from full-time contracts to casual jobs during school term-times and holidays. We are particularly interested in hearing from experienced people with relevant sporting and/or childcare qualifications. If you wish to be considered, please send your CV to [email protected] and we will match your skills to any relevant posts that may arise and invite you for interview. Please note we only consider applicants who can obtain/possess a DBS clearance. 

What if I am having technical difficulties when attempting to make a booking?

Our booking system is still fairly new and some glitches to occur.  We have found that using google Chrome to book works best, rather than Internet Explorer or Safari.  We suggest that if technical difficulties occur, try using a different web browser or a different device, such as a laptop or mobile phone.  Some businesses may block our booking system (such as the NHS) so customers should try booking whilst at home.

If none of these suggestions prove successful, please contact us and give us as much information as possible and we shall do our best to help you make a booking.

What if my child has a pre-existing medical condition?

Shine is an independent organisation and whilst we work closely with schools, we do not have access to children's medical information or medication.  Parents must inform Shine of any medical conditions which may present or have an effect on the child during Shine sessions (such as: asthma, deafness, autism, allergies - including plasters, food, etc) plus any specific treatment/care plan.  There is a 'medical conditions' section within the online registration process where this information needs to be entered and kept up-to-date by parents. Children who need emergency medication should have it with them, or arrangements should be made with Shine on how to best get medication to our staff before the start of the session.

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