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Booking Terms & Conditions

Amending an Order Policy

When a customer wishes to amend an order, he/she must notify Shine staff via [email protected] or 01174 033 033 giving as much notice as possible prior to the scheduled start time. Please note that if a customer attempts to make an amendment on arrival at the activity, it is unlikely Shine will be able to meet the request.

Please also note that it will not be possible to swap a child into a session that is fully subscribed and should an amendment be made it may result in the loss of the ‘multiple booking’ discount.

Cancellation Policy

When a customer wishes to cancel an order, he/she is advised to directly notify Shine via [email protected] or 01174 033 033 giving as much notice as possible. If a customer fails to inform Shine in advance of the activity start time, the order will be treated as a ‘non-arrival’ (see Non-Arrivals Policy).

Non-Arrivals Policy

Should a customer fail to inform Shine that his/her child/children will not be attending before the scheduled start time, the absent child will be deemed a ‘non-arrival’ and, consequently, Shine may implement its safeguarding procedure which involves an investigation into the child’s whereabouts.

In this event, the customer will not be entitled to a refund or credit and the customers who have not paid the fee in advance will be requested to settle in full. Failure to do so may result in a suspension of their Shine account in accordance with the Late or Non-Payment Policy.

Late or Non-Payment Policy

Customers who fail to settle the order fees in accordance with the Booking Terms & Conditions will be contacted by Shine and requested to settle the amount in full with immediate effect. Failure to meet Shine reserve the right to suspend the customer’s account and apply an administration fee of £10.00.  The suspension will only be lifted once the requested payment (plus the administration fee) is settled in full. 

Refund Policy

Providing the customer has notified Shine in accordance with the Cancellation Policy he/she will be entitled to a refund by way of a credit to their Shine account for the full or pro-rata amount, whichever is relevant. If a customer fails to inform Shine in writing before the actual day of the activity there will be no credit allocated issued. Should a customer require a direct refund then he/she must request this in writing to [email protected].